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Bayfit 566 Comp Bayfit 566 is a water-blown (MDI)/polyether based foam system used to manufacture high resilience (HR) …Show details
Bayflex 904X Component BShow details
Baytec D 21Show details
Baytec D22-70 EMShow details
Baytec ENC 30 PBaytec ENC-30P is a 300-molecular-weight polypropylene oxide-based triol. This triol is typically used in the …Show details
Baytec ENC 5502PBaytec ENC-5502P is a 360-molecular-weight amine-based tetrafunctional polyol, which is primarily used in combination with …Show details
Baytec ENC 55PBaytec ENC-55P is a 450 molecular-weight polyether triol containing trimethylolpropane (TMP). This polyol is typically …Show details
Baytec GS V85A PolyolShow details
Baytec JDV 5432ElastomersShow details
Baytec RGD0814-3Show details
Baytec RTC V85A Polyol Comp.DElastomersShow details
Baytec T20ElastomersShow details
Baytec XL 1705Hardener for Polyurea (ETHACURE 300)Show details
Baytherm 9748Show details
Catalyse SD 16ElastomersShow details
Desmodur GS V85A IsoShow details
Desmodur LU-D 70Show details
Desmodur LU-D 85Show details
Desmodur LU-D 90Show details
Desmodur LU-D 95Show details
Desmodur LU-T 75DElastomersShow details
Desmodur LU-T 90Show details
Desmodur LU-T 95Show details
Desmodur MAX-D30-SAElastomersShow details
Desmodur MAX-D40-SAElastomersShow details
Desmodur MAX-T60-SAElastomersShow details
Desmodur MD 1578Show details
Desmodur MDQ 23165 NMElastomersShow details
Desmodur MS 70Show details
Desmodur MS-090Show details
Desmodur MS-242Show details
Desmodur MTQ 25130 NMElastomersShow details
Desmodur TD 643Raw material for coatings, adhesives, sealants, or elastomers in industrial applicationsShow details
Desmodur TT 194Show details
Desmodur WMonomeric cycloaliphatic diisocyanateShow details
Desmolac 4340 X/IBShow details
Mondur 582Mondur 582 is a low-to-medium functionality polymeric diphenylmethane diisocyanate (pMDI) with a moderately high 2,4 …Show details
NB# 2008843Show details
SD 12.1ElastomersShow details

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